Hi !

My name is Ewelina Gawlowska, I have been working with people for over a decade, thanks to which I had a unique opportunity to see what really brings results and how our mind works.

I am an expert in working with the subconscious - YES, this is where everything really begins. Getting out of your potential and the best version of you is my priority.

When I work with you, I want you to be highly productive, not busy. Thanks to my proprietary system, you will reach your annual goals in 3 months.

Yes, I will keep you responsible for taking action and implementing a specific action plan. You will get the latest solutions from the world of development and neuro-psychology from me.

How long does mentoring take?

Mentoring with me lasts 12 months and it is enough time to achieve your goal

Your goals are important for you, aren't they?

Time is not waiting for anybody, right?

Would you like to use your full potential and achieve personal success?

Now it's your time!

Time for your goals!

Who is mentoring for?

This program is designed for individuals who want to:

  • achieve specific goals much faster
  • acquire the necessary skills to reach the next level in your life
  • effectively manage yourself in time
  • be productive, not busy
  • regain free time
  • create balance in all spheres of life
  • get a dose of motivation
  • be held accountable for your goals
  • know what to do every day to get to the next level
  • work at the source, i.e. with the subconscious

How does mentoring work?

  1. First, we will discover your old subconscious program and remove everything that has been blocking you so far
  2. Secondly, we will determine exactly what you want in all 7 spheres of life
  3. Third, we will choose the main goal to work on
  4. Once you understand what you want, I will help you design goals for each area of your life
  5. You will learn how to stay focused on what you want
  6. You will discover the main secret why people don't get what they want and learn how to overcome it so that you tick off goal after goal

What others say?


The effects exceeded my wildest expectations. I am glad that by using all these techniques I am very convinced that success is inevitable. Congratulations Ewelino, you are a professional!



I have just finished an hour-long mentoring with Ewelina and I am overjoyed, motivated to act and finally believed in my goal. I don't know how Ewelina does it, but she convinced me that another beautiful chapter of my life is opening!



I admire you, Ewelinka, for your openness, knowledge, and the ability to pass on your knowledge. You are an example for me, such a "treasury" of knowledge and positive energy.


Each mentoring is individually "designed"

I always consider your private life, your relationships, your personal goals as well as your business goals to create balance and fulfillment. Together with you, I will create a specific plan of action, broken down into individual priorities, so that you can achieve your intended goal and personal success.

plays here a huge role!

One of the very important processes of our mentoring is working with your subconsciousness, so from the very beginning we will carry out, work processes with your subconscious mind, so that your mind will be free from limiting beliefs and focused on creating life on your terms.

Only when we reach this level, you will be ready to create your future. During mentoring, I use specific techniques of working with the subconscious, which I am a qualified trainer.


no-obligation 30-minute conversation 

with me to see if it's for you!