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Super Woman is a comprehensive, knowledge-filled on-line program with multimedia lessons, tools, an exercise to do, and also includes quizzes and PDF support materials!

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In this course you will learn about:


    How to regain focus and clarity of your life vision in the 6 main spheres of life.


    How to effectively manage yourself in time, to achieve your goals every single day


    Hot to effectively set your goals, so that they come true.


    What are the 4 main skills you should master first. I will guide you through the process of working with the subconscious, which programs you, for your personal success, and the visualization process that programs you for self-confidence.


    How to set a specific plan that will allow you to act towards your main goal and will keep you responsible and motivated every day.


    What your chronotype is, when your energy is the best, and you will discover when you should do your daily priorities.

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