Ask an Elephant: What Are Limiting Beliefs?

Written by Greg Biernacki. Posted in Blog

Onelephant this blog and in our Crystal Clear Life Workshop, Seminar, and Webinar sessions, we often talk about limiting beliefs. But what exactly is a limiting belief?

Since overcoming limiting beliefs is important for personal development, let’s illustrate a limiting belief with a story. Have you heard of the traditional method for training circus elephants?

If you had a baby elephant, you could chain its leg to a stake in the ground, and it would be too small to escape. At first, it would pull hard against the chain, but it would gradually give up, accepting that the chain restricted its movement.

Eventually, the elephant would grow into a powerful adult weighing 6 to 8 tons, big enough to easily snap the silly chain, yet it would never try. After growing up with the belief that a chain around its leg meant it couldn’t escape, the elephant wouldn’t even believe it could break a string tied to a buried stick.

That’s a limiting belief. It’s something that you believe even though it is not only false, but actually holding you back from further personal development.

In some ways, we are all like old-fashioned circus elephants. We learned many of our limiting beliefs when we were children, too. But we are also strong enough to break our chains.

So, in which aspects of your life are you most like an old circus elephant? What is your chain?

If you need help breaking free, we can teach you how to snap those limiting beliefs for good. If you can’t make it to our Crystal Clear Life Signature Workshop or Seminar, check out our Crystal Clear Life Signature Webinar. This offering gives you the chance to overcome limiting beliefs from home using our proven methods.


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